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Roadmap To

  • Frontend

    React Js

    ReactJS is a web development tool that is preferred due to React components. A web app developer uses flexibility and code reusability to his advantage

  • Backend

    Node Js

     Node.js is an open source, a server-side script which runs on the top of Google’s open-source scripting engine V8. Node.js is fast, lightweight and efficient.

  • Database

    Mongo Db

    MongoDB has become the most preferred database and is used by programmers globally

  • HTML


     It is the fundamental technology behind everything you see in a web browser, and it is used to build everything from simple web pages to complicated web applications and services

  • CSS


    CSS is used to separate the content and presentation of a web page, it reduces the amount of code that needs to be loaded by the browser. This can result in faster page load times

  • Javascript


    JavaScript can test for what is possible in your browser and react accordingly — this is called Principles of unobtrusive JavaScript or sometimes defensive scripting.

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Coding isin't Hard , But Your Mindset is

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